VPN Technology – Why Should You Use It?

VPN technology is perfect for you if you are constantly traveling a lot and working in different environments, this way your applications will stay open no matter where you go. This technology is also perfect for you if you have a company with multiple locations and many offices in various places. A VPN connection provides you security, privacy and compatibility features that will help you send and link data through your network.

Using a VPN connection is like building a secret subway directly from your home network to your browser on your laptop outside home. At a larger scale if you have a business with many employees across different states, just think about what this technology can do for you. VPN Technology is full of power and potential and it can do so many amazing things for your business.

Day by day, VPN technology is gathering speed and gaining the attention of many large companies all over the globe. If we are thinking of telecommunication we can say that VPN technology is the hottest trend in network connections in 2010. Everybody is talking about VPN and VPN is the way to go.
No matter if you are an individual working from your home, a small, medium or large company, VPN technology can be perfect for your needs. As for the costs, this technology is affordable for everyone and comes with huge number of benefits in communication.

If you are not familiar with VPN technology, using a VPN connection may sound complicated, but it is in fact very simple as you don’t have to install any software nor have you to download anything. One can easily protect the personal information by using a VPN account. The process of using it is easy and convenient. You have to make some configurations to your browser and your all set to use the VPN account configured. All you need is Internet access and your VPN password. Then, you can access your home network from anywhere in the world, securely. Using a VPN, you can go around the Web assured that no type of data concerning you or your online activities will be relayed to anyone or any group.

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Virtual Private Network – What is and what is not a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that gives the owner the ability to share information with others on the Internet by means of a private, exclusive link that is created by a method usually via the Internet.

For example if we want to get computer A in contact with computer B there has to be a ISP connection. As long as each computer has access to the Internet, information can be shared using local ISP circuits, across the Internet, and to the recipient in much the same way that it was when the computers were physically connected. This is why the VPN connection is considered a virtual network because the entire connection is not hard-wired like back in the past.

Talking about VPN technology means talking about Security. A VPN keeps information private by means of encryption on both the sending and receiving end.
The data is not only encrypted, but it is encapsulated, meaning it is sent in its own private connection across the network. No one can see the data, and even if they could, they can’t decapture or change it. While using a VPN account, information can be sent across the network without being susceptible to interception or corruption by those who are outside of the VPN connection.

If you are not familiar with VPN technology you must know that using it can get you the best online protection and it can be a great way to improve your chances against threats online. You will be confident that your privacy will never be compromised and your online activities won’t be watched. Using a VPN, you can rest assured, knowing that your data, privacy, and identity is well protected.

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The most important Advantages you get when using a VPN Connection

These days, we all know how unsafe it is to surf the Internet without using a VPN connection. A VPN will always provide you safety and privacy while surfing.
VPN connection is a network technology which gives the owner the ability to share information with others on the network by means of a private, exclusive link that is created via the Internet.
The most important advantages you get when using a VPN connection are

* Security
While using a VPN technology the actual connection between your system and the server is highly secured as it is private. Only a VPN account from a reliable source will provide you top class security.

* Internet access from anywhere in the world
Using a VPN connection can help you overcome many network restrictions and limitations from any location in the world.

* Strong firewall connection
Hackers often attack your system, but if you are using a VPN account your computer is completely secured as hackers will attack the VPN server’s IP and not your home personal computer IP address.

* No more password thefts
If you surf the Internet using a VPN connection you get highest level of security against any password thefts, even if you are surfing through Wi-Fi.

* Privacy
Using a personal VPN account you get total privacy when surfing. You may surf on the web with overall security as your specific IP address is not noted to anyone due to the VPN account.

* Dedicated IP address
You have your own IP address, instead of having a different IP address every time you connect to the VPN and choice of server locations to be able to access sites that block IP addresses from certain countries.

These are all amazing benefits and if you are not familiar with VPN technology, you should start right now looking for a good VPN provider.

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Advantages of Buying a Private Proxy

If you have a computer with internet, you should have a proxy server for surfing the net without having to worry about being hacked. A private proxy will help you to hide your IP address from online viewers or anyone who has the intention of keeping track of your online activity. You must be more careful especially with your personal and financial details online and this proxy server will help you keep your information safe. No one will be able to trace you through your IP address.

If you are a student or an employee, you must protect your personal information from being hacked.  In schools and colleges, there are computers with internet connection for enhancing research and internet surfing. You can also play video games during your spare time. However if your school or college authority blocks you from playing video games or surfing the net, you can use proxy server to access such restricted sites as the school network will not be able to trace your IP address. For this reason, you must use a highly competent server that can give you 100 percent protection and privacy.

At the time of choosing your private proxy server, you need to know whether this specific server will perform well to satisfy all your browsing needs. There are many free anonymous servers available in the market. They may not be that fast. Further, these free software tools will not give you any guarantee or assurance for protecting your IP address. Computer hackers will be able to easily trace you and hack your computer. For this particular reason, you need to opt for specially upgraded servers, which ensure full security and protection.

In this connection, it will be better for you if you proceed with a paid proxy server. These servers are naturally more competent and reliable than the servers that are available for free of cost. Read product reviews and feedback’s of users online before finalizing on your provider. You will have to sign up a contract form online with the service provider in order to download the highly sophisticated software tool. Even before doing any of this you should make sure that your computer has the right configuration requirements to run a proxy server. The old versions of Windows will not be very effective to serve the purpose. Therefore try to install Windows XP or Vista in your computer for the activation and effective functioning of the server. Once you download the software and install it you can easily operate it with the username and password given to you.

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Renting a private proxy

How many times have you had to clear emails out of your inbox that said, “You’ve won 18 million British Pounds” or “I’m dying of cancer and I’ve decided to leave you my inheritance.” Have you ever had your social networking profile hacked into? Identity thieves are probing all over the internet, ready to steal your sensitive info the minute you let your guard down. It’s not hard to see why one would want to get a private proxy to be able to surf anonymously.

A private proxy is a great way to hide your identity while you surf the internet. You can shop and transact securely. You can hide your location and avail of the exciting benefits that the service providers offer you like unlimited bandwidth; unrestricted access to all sites; 128-bit encryption; super-fast servers; pop-up blocks; protection form Trojans, hackers and malware; FTP access; free updates and freeware etc. A private proxy routes your IP address through as many as three different servers, assuring complete anonymity.

If you’re getting your own server, then you need to get a suitable hosting package. It is a whole lot different from conventional web hosting. You need not buy a dedicated server, you can instead go for a VPS, which will be more than sufficient for your needs and is also economical. It costs less than $10 per month and you get an IP address or two. If you want more, you can add them on at just $1 extra per IP per month. After setting up the VPS, you’ll have to set up the proxy server itself. You can have the entire thing up and running in less than an hour and have a safe, secure, and fast private proxy at your disposal.

You can also rent a private proxy server for a fee. It’s ok for a short term, but in the long run, it could turn out to be an expensive proposition and you might want to consider setting up your own proxy server. You’ll need the proper hosting service and the right software for your private proxy to work. Proxy software packages are available that enable you to create multiple accounts, each with a unique assigned IP address and you can also share these with your friends. But if you’re renting, please note that your own IP’s cannot be created. You’ll be renting these IP’s from a service provider.

If you need the proxy server only for a short period and do not want to end up owning one forever, then renting a private proxy will work out just fine for you.

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Other benefits of using these private proxies

There are spammers and hackers everywhere on the internet. As people advertise to promote their business, so do websites. They track your identity when you visit them, with the help of your IP address and start sending you junk mails, ads and even spy ware that is hard to remove from your computer. There is the added danger of hackers and other cyber criminals. What a private proxy do is to stand like a wall between your vital data and these hackers. This adds to the security and privacy of your system.

There are other benefits of using these private proxies. For schools and offices, it is a must to restrict many sites from being opened by the students as the content of these sites is not suitable for viewing by children and the staff. The schools can send a list of such sites and many social networking sites to the proxy server which keeps on blocking any request that students may make in the browser. Any request to open a URL goes to the proxy server which opens it and then passes the information to your system which means that restricted sites never open in the system at the school.

But technological advances have found answer to this firewall also. There are many proxy servers that are free to use, and they allow students to bypass the filters that are being used by the school and then they are free to visit any site they want. Private proxy work both ways.

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When you use Private Proxies.

Internet today is the most powerful tool for communication and we cannot do without it. But while on the one hand it is so essential, on the other hand are the inherent dangers to our safety and privacy. When we are surfing the net, our identity is revealed to each and every site we visit and the culprit is none other than our ISP which gives a unique IP address to us. While it is true that it is necessary to have an IP address for every computer, it is equally true that this leaves us vulnerable and to safeguard out financial and other vital info, we need to make use of Private Proxies.

Private Proxies help in such a way that we can hide our identity and surf without any fear. Until now, ISP’s did not have technology to peep into our private details but now software has been developed that allows them to have all the information they wanted to have about us easily and quickly. Many companies are willing to pay cash to the ISP for this information. That is one reason why we need to protect ourselves when surfing the net. If the ISP peeps into your information, it is just like a post office opening your mail before delivering it to you.

When you use Private Proxies, the proxy server hides your identity by changing your IP address frequently. This way, websites are never sure of your true IP address and even when they draw a conclusion, the IP address they finally come to is not yours. If you use this effective tool, even your ISP will not be able to track your surfing and cannot keep a log of your usage in a correct manner.

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Use private proxies!!!

This is the age of communication, and internet is the hub of all such activities. Millions of people surf the net daily, and in normal circumstances, their activities are revealed to all as they are given an IP address, which is a numerical value assigned to the computer. This IP address is known to the internet service provider, and all the sites you visit are contained in a log by the ISP. Any hacker or spammer can have access to this information to get into your computer. To avoid this, people use private proxies.

You get access to the websites through a proxy server, which is in most cases located in a foreign country, and all your requests for websites are completed by this proxy server. This means that when you type a website’s name in your browser, the website gets the IP address of the proxy and not yours, which saves you from any hacking activity as the criminals cannot get access to your vital information. This is how private proxies work.

However, it is in your own interest to get assured about the secrecy about your IP address when you are using private proxies. This is because many of the proxies that are free and are available on the Internet are being run by hackers themselves and this is one reason why they are giving this service free of cost. So make sure you read the terms and conditions of a proxy server before you start using it.

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Private Proxies are the best tools to remain invisible

Surfing today has become a favourite pastime and people cannot live without it. If they are sitting in front of a computer, they will surf, without any purpose many times. This poses threats to the safety and security of the server as his identity gets revealed to all the sites he visits. This is courtesy his ISP which provides a unique IP addresses to his computer. But if the person uses private proxies, this problem is solved altogether. Sites mistake proxy server’s address to be the IP address of the person and thus he is safe from any criminal activity by a hacker or a spammer.

If you are one of those who wish to hide your identity from websites and mind being monitored while you are surfing, private proxies are the best tools to remain invisible. This is the surest way not to leave your web prints anywhere you go on the web. In normal circumstances your IP address if your finger print and you leave it to every site you visit. Companies hack the IP addresses of people and use them when they conduct surveys on the habits of surfing. There are other malicious uses also, like selling your information to other sites, which can fill your mailbox with junk mail.

The only drawback while using private proxies is that despite websites not getting your finger prints, the proxy server is one entity that still knows your surfing pattern. It can keep a log of your surfing and get access to your vital info. So it is better if you reassure yourself of the reputation of the proxy server you are using.

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Private proxies offer huge benefits

Private proxies are freely available on the internet and cater to the requirements of several individuals as well as agencies. They can be conveniently downloaded from the Internet to enjoy safe browsing sessions. With growing dependence on the internet, people are facing disguised threats from various unscrupulous agents floating around the net. Be it hacking, phishing, eavesdropping etc. They act with the support of proxy servers which further support several features and protocols such as FTP, HTTP or even HTTPS for better results.

Private proxies offer huge benefits and users can choose from the wide array of features offered. You can use them for your home or industrial or business purposes and even while traveling. You can not only prevent tracking of your online excursions and protect personal data but also mislead about your location. They also provide you the facilities of happy shopping and safe banking without being anxious about credit card frauds and on-line theft. Some even encrypt data making it hard to decipher and steal on route. While on the move, you can securely access your accounts from any destination without the fear of being tracked.

Organizations can use the software for commercial benefits by participating anonymously in researches and surveys and estimate the strength of their rivals. Not only that, firms can also broadcast and advertise anonymously, thus saving millions in advertising. Private proxies allow you the comfort of anonymous browsing by acting as an intermediary between the actual server and your personal computer, thereby preventing your exposure to unsolicited and unwanted parties.

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