When you use Private Proxies.

Internet today is the most powerful tool for communication and we cannot do without it. But while on the one hand it is so essential, on the other hand are the inherent dangers to our safety and privacy. When we are surfing the net, our identity is revealed to each and every site we visit and the culprit is none other than our ISP which gives a unique IP address to us. While it is true that it is necessary to have an IP address for every computer, it is equally true that this leaves us vulnerable and to safeguard out financial and other vital info, we need to make use of Private Proxies.

Private Proxies help in such a way that we can hide our identity and surf without any fear. Until now, ISP’s did not have technology to peep into our private details but now software has been developed that allows them to have all the information they wanted to have about us easily and quickly. Many companies are willing to pay cash to the ISP for this information. That is one reason why we need to protect ourselves when surfing the net. If the ISP peeps into your information, it is just like a post office opening your mail before delivering it to you.

When you use Private Proxies, the proxy server hides your identity by changing your IP address frequently. This way, websites are never sure of your true IP address and even when they draw a conclusion, the IP address they finally come to is not yours. If you use this effective tool, even your ISP will not be able to track your surfing and cannot keep a log of your usage in a correct manner.

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