Use private proxies!!!

This is the age of communication, and internet is the hub of all such activities. Millions of people surf the net daily, and in normal circumstances, their activities are revealed to all as they are given an IP address, which is a numerical value assigned to the computer. This IP address is known to the internet service provider, and all the sites you visit are contained in a log by the ISP. Any hacker or spammer can have access to this information to get into your computer. To avoid this, people use private proxies.

You get access to the websites through a proxy server, which is in most cases located in a foreign country, and all your requests for websites are completed by this proxy server. This means that when you type a website’s name in your browser, the website gets the IP address of the proxy and not yours, which saves you from any hacking activity as the criminals cannot get access to your vital information. This is how private proxies work.

However, it is in your own interest to get assured about the secrecy about your IP address when you are using private proxies. This is because many of the proxies that are free and are available on the Internet are being run by hackers themselves and this is one reason why they are giving this service free of cost. So make sure you read the terms and conditions of a proxy server before you start using it.

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