Private Proxies are the best tools to remain invisible

Surfing today has become a favourite pastime and people cannot live without it. If they are sitting in front of a computer, they will surf, without any purpose many times. This poses threats to the safety and security of the server as his identity gets revealed to all the sites he visits. This is courtesy his ISP which provides a unique IP addresses to his computer. But if the person uses private proxies, this problem is solved altogether. Sites mistake proxy server’s address to be the IP address of the person and thus he is safe from any criminal activity by a hacker or a spammer.

If you are one of those who wish to hide your identity from websites and mind being monitored while you are surfing, private proxies are the best tools to remain invisible. This is the surest way not to leave your web prints anywhere you go on the web. In normal circumstances your IP address if your finger print and you leave it to every site you visit. Companies hack the IP addresses of people and use them when they conduct surveys on the habits of surfing. There are other malicious uses also, like selling your information to other sites, which can fill your mailbox with junk mail.

The only drawback while using private proxies is that despite websites not getting your finger prints, the proxy server is one entity that still knows your surfing pattern. It can keep a log of your surfing and get access to your vital info. So it is better if you reassure yourself of the reputation of the proxy server you are using.

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