What kind of problems are the most common in the usage of a private proxy?

A private proxy, if made properly, should work flawlessly for a very long time. However, since there are hundreds of thousands of different PC configurations on the planet, there can be a couple of issues that you might encounter. We are going to talk about them and see what you can do to make your private proxy work again as it did before the issue occurred.

The first problem that could appear would be constant freezes of the private proxy. This means at some point in the time in which the program is running some instruction is not properly completed and the program freezes because of that. To solve this problem you should first try to uninstall the program and install it again. You should also try to remember about any programs installed recently as that might create some conflict with the private proxy. Uninstalling that program should solve the problem.

Another problem that occurs some times is that the private proxy does not want to start anymore and it provides with some sort of error message. That error message is the best hope you have to get the program running again without having to install windows again. Reading that error message is important and you should read it carefully. If you don’t understand what it says make sure that you write it down and send it to technical support. They will know what to tell you about it and the solution will be sent to you in the shortest possible time.

There are no other possible problems reported. If you encounter something different than what we have already mentioned please make sure that you contact technical support and tell them all about the problem. This will help them solve the problem for you and make sure that the problem will not be present anymore in future releases.

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