Shield your privacy using a Private Proxy

There are many benefits in using a Private Proxy, some of the most important are

* You gain access to websites that has blocked your original IP. There are many websites that block surfers from accessing their websites by banning or blocking certain IP addresses. Sometimes, a website may block a whole range of IP addresses from a particular country for several reasons. By using a private proxy, you get a new IP and thus gain access to such websites.

* Surf the Internet with extra security. Many private proxy surfing websites gives you the option to reject all cookies from the websites you visit. By not accepting cookies, you are able to protect your computer from receiving malicious cookies that track your surfing habits.

* Surf websites without hiccups. You again can chose not to load any script on the sites you visit. The tool will block all javascripts, vbscripts etc. to provide faster and more secure web surfing experience.

* Surf the web faster. Private Proxy sites also gives you the option to hide images on the sites you visit. Images on those sites will not load when you are surfing their sites – allowing for faster load time. Proxies often cache pages and files that other users have requested before you. If you send a request and the proxy finds it’s already there in the cache, it will display it instantly. Private IP address can enhance the speed of your download. If you did not realize, download websites do keep track of your download and upload memory through your IP address. The ratio of your download and upload should be always equal for higher download speed. But with Private IP, there is no such problem as there is no unique IP address detected.

* You are able to surf websites anonymously and you can leave comments and feedbacks on sites without fear of repercussion. You have full control to leave your remarks because the site cannot trace your activities on their websites back to you.

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