Why Get A Private Proxy And Not The Free Proxy?

Which one is better; a private proxy or a free proxy? There are a lot of free proxy services available on the internet so is there really any use to get a private proxy where you have to pay? Well, first of all do you know what a proxy is and how it will help the user?

Uses of a proxy server

A proxy server is absolutely beneficial for security reasons. With an anonymous yet valid IP address, you can hide from monitoring eyes who wants to know your internet goings-on. It cannot be denied that there are a lot of cyber crimes and a legitimate user should protect him the best possible way. A proxy server is created for the same purpose.

Additionally, a proxy can grant you access to blocked websites. This is especially useful to travelling professionals who need to access files online while in another country. A proxy server is also the best firewall for any malware because the software screens packets before delivering it to you. These functions only encapsulate the various benefits of a proxy server. What is most important is the key to get online security is a proxy server.

Do free proxy servers really work like private proxy does?

Though there are lots of claims that it works as good as a private proxy does; the truth is, a free proxy at best works for only a very short time. Mostly, these free proxy servers do not give you the needed anonymity at all. There are various reasons for this. It could be that there were a lot of people using it and the server crashed. Or it was set up without permission and eradicated the moment it was found out.

Getting a private proxy is the best solution

If you want to avoid all these problems and really get a secured network then the only way is to get a private proxy. The minimum amount you will have to pay is absolutely worth the money because you will be totally protected while conducting your business over the internet. The knowledge alone that your files and online identity are safe makes you sleep better and surf with confidence.

Say goodbye to ads and delays

Have you noticed that there are websites that take too much time load and when it does, advertisement and pop ups keep you from reading the content continuously? Well with a private proxy, annoying ads can’t get to you and sites will load faster too. The benefits of private proxy is absolutely limitless, therefore do not waste any time. Surf safely all the time with your private proxy server now.

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