Private proxy: Knowing the Essentials

When we browse the internet, everything looks quite simple but it is not. Online world is very complex and your privacy is always vulnerable. To protect your identity, you need to understand some common terms like proxy servers, firewalls, cookies, IP address and few more. In this article, we will not discuss specifics of each but to understand a bit of it; a proxy server plays a vital role and serves as a filter whenever the client asks for certain services like connecting to a website, opening a webpage, downloading a file etc. If you do not use proxy, your every online activity can be tracked.

This is basically what a proxy does; if you visit a website and wants to “customize” it by altering the request of your clients then you can do so by buying a private proxy.

What a proxy offer?

As mentioned before, having a proxy is essential for a smooth flow in your online activity. Some of its benefit includes:

  1. It can surpass the parental controls or security controls in the computer
  2. Helps avoiding data loss because it also scans or filters an outbound content
  3. Block sites that are malicious
  4. Keeps anyone’s identity online to be anonymous or private
  5. Help speed up the access to a website or a web page and many more.

How to look for the best private proxy company?

If you search for the term private proxy, you will find many companies offering private proxy but you should not buy private proxy from anyone. Since this is one time activity, you should research well before you buy a private proxy; this will also keep you aware about the essential things to look for when buying a proxy. Some of it includes:

  1. The operating system

Generally a proxy can be used in any operating system like Windows, Linux Mac and UNIX. But there are also special private proxies where it only works for a certain operating system. So before buying private proxy, make sure that the proxy will run in your computer.

  1. The IP address

This is a technical consideration but an important one. If you use a private proxy, you enjoy online security benefits. So you have to make sure to get IP address which are white listed and not banned anywhere. Another good thing about IP addresses is that you can rotate it to remain highly anonymous.

  1. The price

Everyone wants to be a smart shopper and look for the best available discounted price. But unlike other product, cheap private proxy is not always the best. You need to look into reputation of the service provider before comparing the price. Most of the service provider will give you an option to pay per IP address or one-time fee or monthly charges.

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