The dangers of using anonymous proxy

Anonymous proxy is a proxy server that hides the IP address of the user, at the same time indentifying itself as a proxy server. However, let us start from the beginning and see what proxy server actually is and what types of proxy servers are there. Proxy servers can be defined as a computer or an application that serves as intermediary, a gateway, between each individual user and other networks. Here are few information and explication how proxy servers work.

Short explication how proxy servers work

Proxy servers are actually computers or applications that serve as intermediary between user’s computer and other networks. This means that proxy servers act as gateway that regulates the requests sent to other networks. When a user makes a request, such request is sent to the proxy server which assesses it. If the request has been made previously, the server delivers the information immediately, because it usually saves past requests for a certain period of time. If it does not have the requested information, it sends the request to other servers, receives back the information, and resends it to the user. Proxy servers are usually used as filtration gateways. Administrators of proxy servers can set some limitations of proxy servers, so users cannot access certain contents on other networks, such as the Internet. Such limitations are usually set in companies, so the employees cannot access certain pages, such as social networks or other sites. Schools and universities limit the access to pornographic or violent contents and web sites. There are few types of proxy servers. The most commonly used are the web proxy servers. They serve as intermediary between users and the Internet. These are some web proxy servers that provide services for thousands users. The requests are accepted by the web proxy server. If the specific request can be found in the cache of the server, that is the hard disk of the server, it sends back the information immediately, providing fast connection. If the contents cannot be found in the cache, the request is sent to the Internet and returned to the specific user.

Anonymous proxy servers

Anonymous proxy servers are used as a way of protection of users on the Internet. They can be used to hide the actual IP address of users. Anonymous proxy servers also hide other items, such as the web sites a user visits, as well as the personal information of each individual user, such as usernames and passwords. Although there are positive sides of the using of this type of proxy servers, there are few negative aspects. Some sites do not allow access to users with hidden IP address. Other disadvantage are the numerous web sites that act as anonymous servers, but be sure to check their ratings and reputation, so you will not end up being victim to stealing of personal information or other problems.

Other types of proxy servers

Transparent proxy servers show the actual IP address of the user to user’s destination and are effective while surfing, avoiding the bans related to gaining access to hidden IP addresses. The distorting servers distort the real IP address and give other false address, while high anonymity proxy do not show the IP address of users, nor identify themselves as proxy servers.

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